Gexpro Services Europe


Gexpro Services Europe - A Global Company With Local Execution and a World-Class Supply Chain Services Outsource Provider

Gexpro Services Europe and Gexpro Services USA ($300M USD), are members of the Rexel Group, a 13.1 Billion Euro company based in Paris France. Rexel is one of the largest electrical distributors in the world with 28,000 employees, 2,100 branches, and operating in 35 Countries.

Gexpro Services Europe is a world-class Supply Chain Services outsource provider, specializing in developing and managing production inventory management programs. It is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, with locations all over the EU. Our managed inventory programs are designed to support manufacturing OEMs with their engineered production material specifications, fulfillment, and quality requirements.

Unmatched inventory, expertise and dedication to customer success make Gexpro Services Europe the first choice for the management of C class parts, VMI, and logistical parts services. We offer customers throughout Europe a strong source to buy foreign and domestic products to meet their multi-national specification needs. Gexpro Services Europe is a vital part of one of the largest electrical product resources in the world. By streamlining your production with kitting, consigned inventory or On-site VMI you will have reduced stock-outs and reduced cost, getting what you need, when and where you need it.

Since 1929, Gexpro has made it our business to bring innovative solutions to make you more profitable - and the tradition continues today. No matter where you are, or what your size, Gexpro offers the products and services to help streamline your business, making you more productive and competitive in your marketplace.