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Services Portfolio

Our value proposition is visible in the benefits we provide to our customers. We offer a wide variety of services, which include Demand Forecasting, NPI Implementation, Digitized Order Entry, Sourcing Aggregation, China Sourcing, Price Deflation, Quality Inspection, Point-of-Use Delivery, Materials Handling, Kitting, Warehousing, Inventory Management, ACFC Projects, MRO Support, Aftermarket Parts Support, and Metrics Reporting.

Our services consist of:

  • Supply Logistics – Competencies include
    • ILM on Factory Floor
    • Simple Kitting Exercise
    • Fastener/Hardware Specialists
    • Diversified Customer Base

  • Factory Services – Competencies include
    • A + B Part/Higher Tech Sourcing
    • Complex Kitting Expertise
    • Kitting and Contract Assembly

  • Parts Super Center – Competencies include
    • Legacy Parts Sourcing and Inventory Management
    • Aftermarket Demand Planning
    • Technical Support
    • Life Cycle Management


Inventory Logistics Management

Gexpro Services continues to invest in technology and upgraded our replenishment process at several facilities by installing Oasis Pro software at our expense. This inventory management system is a key element that helps Gexpro Services to provide 100% JIT delivery at our ILM contract customers. Oasis Pro utilizes bar code technology with a PDA scanner. Parts and locations are scanned to error proof the process. Instant access to usage and on-hand quantities is available by building or cell site location. In addition to extensive reporting capabilities, Oasis Pro allows us to manage customer-owned material outside our ERP process. This is a critical requirement associated with programs that require flexible adjustments in terms of number of sites, commodities and suppliers covered under a given ILM program.


Vendor Managed Inventory

Real time communication is at the heart of every Gexpro Services ILM program. Mobile handheld PCs are used to download product requirements by scanning bar-coded bins. These scanners can then wirelessly transmit the data back to the EDI interface. In turn, our automated Warehouse Management System (WMS) drives efficient picking, packing, and shipping processes. This seamless integration between all functions of the replenishment process allows Gexpro Services to provide 100% JIT on-time delivery.



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